lundi 18 juin 2012

Automatic writing

Automatic writing is an ancient practice that is spreading increasingly. A great mystery hangs around this art of receiving messages by transcommunication. There are any conflicting theories on the subject. Some believe that the writings are from the person himself, other believe that messages come from the subconscious. Others see in automatic writing an exchange of written telepathy, through the arm that serves as a receptor.

Automatic writing is used to communicate with the beyond. It is used generally to communicate with the dead. Automatic writing often brings great joy to people who are able to communicate with passed love ones. Many people who have used the services of a writing psychic say it is easier to grieve after having been able to communicate one last time with your loved one. Mediums also use it to contact people outside who transfer predictions and messages for other people. Automatic writing, therefore, allows psychics to receive messages from the beyond and to do the intermediary between our world and the spiritual world.

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